The Richard Wright Public Charter School ROXIE (Reaching Our Excellence in Education) program encompasses the Journalism and Media Arts focus of the school. As Roxie, Mississippi was the birthplace of Richard Wright, ROXIE serves as the birthplace and foundation for investigative thought, creativity, questioning, skill building, understanding, innovation, and analysis. Through hands-on learning and partnerships in the professional community, exciting opportunities provided to students lead to impactful experiences and connection resonating in and beyond the classroom. Richard Wright students build fundamental concepts and skills essential in the fields of Journalism, Film, Graphic Design, Visual Art, Music, and Music Production with real-life application in a myriad of settings and platforms, resulting in creative, meaningful content and products. These skills can be applied through the Richard Wright News newscasts, the Wright Pages publication, and outside partnerships, resources, and publications.

Film & Video

Richard Wright Film and Video courses teach the fundamentals of shooting, editing, and writing for film and video productions in a variety of genre, including basic documentary and narrative productions. With a focus on hands-on experience emphasizing aesthetics, creativity, and technical expertise, the goal is for students to develop the ability to capture great video images and audio, and to be able to edit those two elements together to tell a story.


Art & Design

Art and Design are fundamental to human existence and predates written language. Each involves a different way of thinking, instrumental in the creative problem solving processes in human evolution and development, and still needed in today’s world. The ability to further develop art and design skills both in function and form, provides students with a creative means for expression, communication, planning, and problem solving on personal and professional levels.


Data shows that students who participate in high school journalism courses do better on testing and college language arts courses. Journalism helps develop and strengthen essential literacy skills – reading, writing, research, communication, analytical and critical thinking. Richard Wright students apply those skills while learning about news, media, and digital literacy.



Through the rich music program at Richard Wright, students have multiple ways to explore and express their own unique styles, collaborate with others, while learning to appreciate the music of other cultures and genres throughout history, thereby enriching their own musical experiences and expanding their horizons.

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