Richard Wright Founder & CEO Featured Guest on DKN’s “I Wish I Knew”

Dr. Marco Clark is no stranger to the cameras. As a well-respected educator, innovator, author, public speaker, and veteran in the world of urban education, Dr. Clark has received numerous awards and appeared on hundreds of talk shows, as well as serving as keynote speakers in various venues across the country. At the beginning of the summer, Dr. Clark was invited to address thousands of educators and charter school advocates from all over the country attending the National Charter School Conference 2017 held in Washington, DC. More recently, Dr. Clark was asked to be a featured guest on the millennial television show on District Knowledge Network’s cable television show, “I Wish I Knew.”

Interviewed by Torren Cooper, a young educator in the District, Dr. Clark was asked about the lack of black male educators in public education. Dr. Clark had special insight and perspective on this topic as well as others. Joining him on the panel was also Dr. Ben Williams, principal of Ron Brown, the all boys public school located in Northeast DC. Look out for the airing of this taping on DKN for a really great show.

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