CEO Corner

Welcome to Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts. I am honored and humbled to be Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Richard Wright Public Charter School, an institution that embraces the rich heritage of Washington, DC and the bright future of all of the city’s students and residents. The Founders and the Board of Trustees of our organization are thrilled to have a public school that will draw students to a superior learning environment to become a community of academic scholars forging a shared identity which will produce an array of future leaders for the 21st century.

Richard Wright Public Charter School is an intellectual center located in the heart of our great city. Our stellar administrators, faculty, staff, parents and community partners will be working to increase reading literacy, enhance academic rigor, expand academic research across all academic disciplines and create media contributors. Our students will benefit from their experiences in and out of the classroom as well as around the city and throughout the United States. We will work diligently to become one of the most active and service-oriented public schools in our great nation.

As the only public high school in the District of Columbia or the surrounding area to offer journalism and media arts as a whole school concept, Richard Wright Public Charter School will also offer an academically challenging course of study in the content areas of math and science.

At Richard Wright Public Charter School, we are proud of the challenge of building a long lasting academic legacy. Those who will graduate from Richard Wright Public Charter School will have benefited from the knowledge, ideals, and experiences received from our institution which we believe will make a very strong impact on the community as a whole.

I enthusiastically look forward to seeing all of you in August.