Healthy Schools Act 2011

Healthy Schools Act Legislation

In May of 2010, the DC City Council passed the Healthy Schools Act of 2010 (B18-0564). This legislation is a comprehensive law to ensure that schools are a healthy place for all students. The Healthy Schools Act covers topics including nutrition, health education, physical education and physical activity, Farm-to-School programs, school gardens and other wellness topics.

School Programs

The DC City Council tasked the Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE), Wellness and Nutrition Services Division (WNS) with implementing much of this important legislation. The HSA applies to all public and public charter schools in the District of Columbia. The focus of this legislation is to promote and provide more nutritious meals for DC students. Additional funding is provided to schools for breakfast and lunch meals served that meet certain nutritional and serving requirements as outlined in the Act. Additionally, the act requires that all students receive breakfast at no charge and meet certain requirements for competitive foods. All of these provisions and the claims reimbursement process are administered by the WNS School Programs team.

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