Grievance Policy and Procedure

It is the policy of Richard Wright Public Charter School that all employees, students’ parents and visitors have the right to voice their complaints or grievance about matters pertaining to our school.

The Richard Wright Public Charter School recognizes the meaningful value and importance of full discussion in resolving misunderstandings, preserving good relations between management and employees.

Accordingly, the following grievance procedure should be employed to ensure that complaints receive full consideration.

What May Be Grieved

The Richard Wright Public Charter School grievance process should be used as follows:

  1. To deal with complaints and concerns pertaining to educational environment, employment arrangements, or interpersonal conflicts.
  2. To resolve complaints of discrimination and religion, creed, sex, national origin, age disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or otherwise.

Who May Grieve

The procedures set forth below may be used by grievants who are employees, students, parents or visitors.

Other Remedies

The existence of the procedure does not bar grievants from also filing claims in other forums to the extent permitted by state or federal law.

Informal Grievance

Because most difficulties can be resolved by communicating a concern to someone, grievants are encouraged to discuss their concern or harassment complaint promptly and candidly with their immediate supervisor, Director, or Head of School.

The grievant is not required to discuss his or her complaint with the alleged harasser or perpetrator in any manner or for any reason prior to initiating a formal grievance.

Formal Grievance

Within ninety (90) days of encountering the harassment discrimination or complaint that is the subject of the grievance, a grievant shall file a written notice with the Head of School. Grievants may use the Grievance Form, which is attached here to and is also available online from the school website, the Richard Wright intranet (for employees only) or from the Founder & CEO’s office. The written notice shall identify the nature of the complaint, the date(s) or occurrence, and the desired result and shall be signed and dated by the person filing the grievance. In the event the legal guardian or parent of a student is filing a grievance. The student and the guardian/parent shall sign and date the grievance. The Founder & CEO can be reached at the contact information below.

The Founder & CEO will immediately initiate an adequate, reliable and impartial investigation of the grievance. Each formal complaint will be investigated and depending on the facts involved in each situation, will be decided after receiving information from the appropriate individuals. Each investigation will include interviewing, witnesses, and obtaining documents allowing parties to present evidence.

All documentation related to the investigation and discussions held in this process are considered EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL and are not to be revealed to or discusses by any participant with persons not directly involved with the complaint, with the investigation or with the decision making process. This provision does not include discussions with the governmental authorities.

Within thirty (30) business days of receiving the written notice, the Founder & CEO shall respond in writing to the grievant (the “response”). The responses summarize the course of the investigation; determine the validity of the grievance appropriate resolution.

If, as a result of the investigation, harassment or valid grievance is establishes corrective and remedial action will be taken.


If the grievant is not satisfied with the response, the grievant may appeal in writing to the Richard Wright Public Charter School within thirty (30) days of the date response summarizing the outcome of the investigation. The written appeal must contain all written documentation from the initial grievance and the grievant’s reasons for not accepting the Response, The appeal, in letter form, may be sent to: The Richard Wright Public Charter School Legal Department, 770 M Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003.

Within fifteen (15) days from receiving the written appeal, the Legal Department will respond in writing to the appellant as to the action to be taken and the reasons therefore.

Prohibition Against Retaliation

The Richard Wright Public Charter School pledges that it will not retaliate against any person who files a complaint in accordance with this policy, or any person who participates in proceedings related to this policy.

In addition, Richard Wright Public Charter School will not tolerate any form of retaliation against any persons who is making a good faith report or complaint about perceived acts of harassment, discrimination or who cooperates in an investigation of harassment, discrimination, or a concern. Any person who is found to be engaging in any kind of retaliation will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


The Richard Wright Public Charter School may approve modification of the foregoing procedures in a particular case if the modification (a) is for good cause, and (b) does not violate due process rights case if the or policies of Richard Wright Public Charter School.

Contact Information

Founder & CEO:

Dr. Marco Clark

770 M Street, SE 2nd Floor

Washington DC 20003

Phone Number: 202. 388. 1011

The Richard Wright Public Charter School Legal Department

770 M Street, SE 2nd Floor

Washington, DC 20003

Phone Number: 202.388. 1011