Good Partnerships Broaden Horizons

Richard Wright’s partnership with the Global Scholars Foundation (GSF) program has been exemplary. The partnership was formed as a result of meeting with the H Street Development Corporation (HSCDC). HSCDC introduced Richard Wright to the Global Scholars Foundation who prepares students for college and the world through a yearlong program that culminates in an all-expense paid global trip. During this 12-month intensive program of Saturdays and summer courses, students improve study skills, learn work readiness, financial literacy, increase cross-cultural awareness, receive language training, and become world travelers – not bad for high school students. GSF introduced Richard Wright students to this program in February 2016. Five Richard Wright Students were selected for about 25 seats. Dr. Marcia Brown, founder of the GSF program, takes student participants on an outstanding journey of growth and self-discovery through a highly structured experience that she designed to benefit students and increase college readiness. Students learn financial literacy, language and culture. In more subtle ways, students learn about themselves and the world around them. They also learn life skills like resume writing, teamwork, and a foreign language. For the 2017 trip, students learned Arabic. GSF Participants also visited 20 colleges and universities; including all 8 Ivy League Universities. The grand finale of the program was a trip to Australia and the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai). Richard Wright’s focus on partnership development continues to benefit its students. More students are encouraged to apply when the GSF program opens again in January 2018. There’s no telling where the next adventure will take them.

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