Frequently Asked Questions

What time does school start each day?
Students must report to school by 8:00 am

What time is considered late for students?
Students are considered late at 8:15am

What happens to students that come after 8:15am?
Students who arrive after 8:15 am and before 8:30 am will be placed in late detention hall for the entire 1st period block. After 8:30am students will not be permitted to school without a parent escort, doctors note or court documents.

Where should school uniforms be purchased?
Student uniform shirts and ties must be purchased at Richard Wright PCS. School pants must be black khaki’s or slacks. No jeans, leggings, jeggings, sweat pants, yoga pants, pants with elastic bottoms or drawstring pants.

Are students required to wear school uniforms?
All students; male and female must wear the required school uniform every day without modifications. Male students must wear the required black blazer with the school’s logo shirt and tie as wells as a black belt. Male students must also wear the correct RWPCS white dress shirt for grades (10th and 12th). A gray dress shirt is required for grades (8th and 9th). A neck tie is required for all male students. The green tie is for male students in grades 10th-12th. The black tie is for male students in grades (8th and 9th).

Female Students must wear the required black RWPCS sweater, shirt/blouse, black Khaki pants or plaid school skirt

All students must wear predominantly black shoes. Young Ladies cannot wear open toe shoes, sandals or heels.

Are students required to turn in homework every day?
Students’ are assigned homework each night and it must be turned in every day as they walk into the building.

Can I visit my child’s class?
Parents are permitted for one class period and must be scheduled 2 days in advance. Parents are not permitted to interfere with the class, engage with other students or ask questions of the teacher pertaining to your child or the lesson during the visit. All questions or comments should be asked during a scheduled conference.

What time are we able to meet with teachers?
Teachers are to meet parents Monday through Thursday from 4:15pm- 4:45pm and on Friday between 3- 4:45pm. All conferences must be scheduled ahead of time

If I want my child dismissed early from school what is the procedure?
All students must bring a verifiable note with them to school to be turned in before 9 am.

What is dismissal time for students?
Students will be dismissed at 4:30pm Monday- Thursday and 12:30pm on Friday.

How are field trips handled?
Students will receive permission slips detailing the specifics of each individual trip.

When is study hall?
Study Hall is on Wednesday’s from 4:15pm to 5pm

When does RWPCS hold PTA meetings?
Meetings are held once a month

Are cell phones or cell phone use allowed at Richard Wright PCS?
Cell phones and cell phone use is prohibited for all students. The only exception is a student with a documented illness that has been approved by a Medical Doctor.

Can students leave school to buy lunch or order food (Uber eats, Dominos, Chinese food, Carry outs etc.)?
Students are not permitted to leave school for lunch or to have food delivered to the school.

Will students be issued lockers?
All students will be issued lockers upon their purchase of the school required lock. The cost for this lock is $5.00. No outside locks are permitted! Any locks placed on lockers that are not the required school lock will be removed with no refunds returned to the student.