About Richard Wright PCS

Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts is a NEW unique high school offering students, beginning with grade 8, an opportunity to explore high school while focusing on their areas of interest within journalism and media arts. Our educational focus is to create great writers, journalists and productive citizens. Our commitment to education will empower students to become creative, innovative thinkers regardless of their ethnicity, socioeconomic status or gender.

The design of RWPCS will offer a data driven instructional program based on a curriculum which is designed for students with a wide range of academic skills. The design also supports an expansion of activities that reinforce reading and writing skills through Latin Instruction, as well as technology integration at school and home. Other pertinent information about RWPCS are as follows:

  • First Latin-Based Curriculum Model in low-income and high risk area of Washington, DC
  • First Public Charter School offering a Journalism and Media Arts Focus: Broadcast Journalism; Print Media (Newspaper and Magazine Design); Graphic Arts and Vocal Recordings; Film Making; and Video Design
  • Curriculum aligned with the National Common Core Standards and the DC Public Schools Learning Standards
  • Highly-Visible usage of Technology integrated in curriculum
  • Introduction to Journalism and Media Arts for college and career readiness
  • All graduates equipped and “COLLEGE READY”
  • Highly Qualified administrative and instructional staff
  • Laptops purchased for each student (school and home usage)
  • Uniquely professional student uniforms worn daily
  • Student Government Association, Clubs and Athletics
  • Parent College
  • Located on both Blue and Orange Metro Lines
  • Several Metro Bus Routes within one block of school

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