One World Education Ambassador Challenge

WE ARE SO PROUD of OUR Richard Wright Students, 10th Graders, McKenzie Turner and Amora Campbell for their outstanding presentations at the One World Education Ambassador Challenge. McKenzie’s story is highlighted in the Washington Post article by columnist Petula Dvorak. This exemplifies why we do what we do as a journalism and media arts school is so important, especially in today’s world.

Extremely proud and inspired by our 10th graders Amora Campbell who won 1st Place for her research/written presentation about Universal Healthcare and 3rd Place winner MacKenzie Turner for her presentation about Gun Violence in the One World Ambassador Challenge amidst strong competition from upperclassmen representing other schools! Amora received a $1500 scholarship for 1st and MacKenzie a $750 scholarship for 3rd in the High School Stage Presentations!! AMAZING WORK AND WELL EARNED!

Our children’s voices, their stories, matter immeasurably. With the host of issues are children are affected by on a daily basis, their perspectives, their ideas for solutions, their stories will help shape the world for the better. With caring adults listening, guiding, teaching, working together, and providing equitable opportunities for their limitless growth and potential, our children will always rise and surpass the expectation.

Thank you to One World Education and the Washington Post for the work you do on a daily basis! We are listening! #oneworldeducation #ac2019#changingthefuture #weare #richardwright #educators #forchildren#futureleaders #educationiskey #journalism #media #youthstories#youthvoicesmatter #socialjustice #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic